Jantana’s Waves

June 24, 2016

Arrived at the house, walked up to the patio, turned around and saw the biggest set I’ve ever seen in 15 years.  Make-able, but no takers.

IMG_2253 2


April 22, 2016

Decided to try the gopro in high frame rate video mode for slow motion.  Check out the video and the frame grabs below.


Sequence 02.Still024

Playa Santana turned on for a few short hours.  The local boys had it wired

Sequence 02.Still008

Sequence 02.Still001 Sequence 02.Still003 Sequence 02.Still022 Sequence 02.Still013 Sequence 02.Still014 Sequence 02.Still015

Plenty of waves for visitors and ex-pats, too.  Nick and Chris cashin’ in.

Sequence 02.Still016 Sequence 02.Still017 Sequence 02.Still020 Sequence 02.Still023

Sequence 02.Still025

Always good waves to be found at Casa Ensueno.

Sequence 02.Still026

Check back later for more stills and videos.  BIG swell on the way!!.